Ready to step on stage and go head-to-head with your favorite hackers for Bugcrowd’s Hack Hack rEvolution event? You and your team have a shot at a colossal $10K team bonus and an epic opportunity to take home the W for our 3rd annual #BCTeamHunt! If that sounds like your kind of party, then it’s time to throw yourself on the dance floor and apply for Bugcrowd’s rEvolutionary event! 

We’ve rounded up some of the best public and private programs to put your crew’s hacking skills to the ultimate test. And guess what? This year, we’ve spiced things up with extra special bonus programs that can earn you those coveted extra points! 

Get your squad together and remember this timeless mantra: Stop, collaborate, and listen!

Act fast! There are only 40 spots available. Grab your teammates and shoot for that Perfect Full Combo by  filling out the Team Application. Selection for Hacker Cup teams will be based on the aggregate totals of all-time P1s and P2s on the Bugcrowd platform of participating members. Please read the following rules and instructions:

How Does the Hacker Cup Work? 

  • Assemble a team of 3 – 5 players
  • Hack with your pals and make $$
  • Expedited triage for team submissions on Hacker Cup programs
  • Earn the bragging rights of making BC’s Top 8 Teams in 2023
  • Compete against other teams for a grand prize of $10K and exclusive swag

Important Dates:

  • Selection for the Hacker Cup will launch October 30th ending Nov 2nd. 
    • Applications must be in by 11/2 5pm PST. 
  • Start Date Teams will be announced: Nov 3rd. 
  • First Round: November 3rd – November 24th. 
  • Hacker Break: November 24th – Nov 31st.
  • Final Round: December 1st – December 15th.

There are 2 challenge rounds where participating teams will face potential elimination from the Cup based on challenge points earned during the first round. From there, 8 teams will make it to the second challenge round, where teams will continue their Hunt towards $10k. Keep in mind, teams with the highest number of points based on their unique, non-duplicate submissions will move on to the next round.

How Do Points Work?

Challenge points:

  • P1 unresolved/resolved non-duplicate valid submissions get 60 points along with the standard 40 points 
    • Total point value for a unique P1 submission: 100
  • P2 unresolved/resolved non-duplicate valid submissions get 30 points along with the standard 20 points 
    • Total point value for a unique P2 submission: 50
  • P3 unresolved/resolved non-duplicate valid submissions get 15 points along with the standard 10 points
    • Total point value for a unique P3 submission: 25

Important Details:

Teams that move on to the final challenge round will be informed individually and announced via Twitter. Eliminated teams will not go home empty-handed! 

  • Teams that are eliminated in the first challenge round will get 5 private program invites per person on each team
  • Teams that are eliminated in the first challenge round will also get swag
  • Private invites will be provided to researchers within 4-8 weeks after the challenge

Participation Criteria:

  • Public programs are opted in automatically 
  • Hackers may not have any active escalations or bans to participate. 
  • Hackers must be ID Verified to participate. 
  • Hacker Teams are 5 individuals or less hackers.
  • There will be a maximum of 40 teams competing this year. 
  • Hacker Teams are chosen to participate by team total volume of valid P1s and P2s submitted on the platform.
  • New Hackers must work with Bugcrowd known hackers, if new on the platform.
  • New Hackers are requested to complete a background check to participate

Please note:

  • Last year’s winning team will immediately go to the Top 8 but must compete in both rounds for the competition for final scores. 
  • Researchers can only participate as part of 1 team for the duration of this challenge 
  • Teams must be composed of 3 – 5 researchers per team
  • No swaps will be allowed this year, unless there are extreme circumstances 
  • 5 teams with new hackers will be selected to compete. This will be random amongst new applicants who do not have P1s and P2s on the platform currently. 

Are You Ready to Score Big?

*Left arrow, right arrow, right arrow, right arrow* How flawlessly can your team hit those combos to win the big money!? To date, over 750 hackers from all-over have applied and Hack Hack rEvolutioned over 700 valid non-duplicate submissions. #BCTeamHunt is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with friends, win money and increase awareness and engagement of some seriously cool programs. 

You have until Nov 2nd, 2023 5:00PM Pacific Time to submit your TEAM APPLICATION. Best of luck! 

Hey, don’t forget to stay current on Hacker Cup updates, special announcements, and all things Bugcrowd through our Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.