ID verification is a great way to not only secure your identity, but also potentially gain access to even more programs. 

While on the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform, we want to ensure your security and make it as easy as possible to access as many programs as possible. The identity verification process is one of the most important first steps in achieving that.

Not only is it easy, but it’s extremely important. When we’re able to match a face to respective ID documents, we reduce the chances of fraud and identity theft while improving the protection of sensitive information and establishing trust. 

To ensure your time on the Bugcrowd Platform is secure and reliable, there are a few do’s and don’ts of ID verification to keep in mind. Following these will guarantee you have a successful ID verification process and can hunt safely.

Let’s start with the do’s of identity verification:

Do ensure that the age difference between the selfie and the ID is not too big. If there is a significant age difference, it can be difficult to make an accurate assessment of the person’s identity.

Do ensure that the selfie image is of good quality. This includes having good lighting conditions, not having reflections on the face, having enough contrast, and ensuring that the essential parts of the face (eyes, nose, and mouth) are fully visible.

Do keep in mind that facial hair and glasses can interfere with the camera and cause a failure in facial recognition.

Do align your face with the oval on the screen or in the app. This will ensure that your face is captured correctly and that the verification process is successful.

Do ensure that you are the only person in the selfie. Multiple people in the selfie can cause confusion and make it difficult to verify your identity.

Let’s move on to the don’ts of identity verification.

Keep in mind that doing any of these can make it difficult to verify your identity and may lead to your identity verification process being rejected:

Don’t use a black and white selfie image or an entire ID as a selfie. 

Don’t manipulate the selfie using filters, digital manipulations, or masks. 

Don’t use a selfie that was captured from a digital or paper copy or video. 

Don’t cover parts of your face with a scarf, hat, or something similar. 

Don’t have a different person perform the identity verification.

Bottom line, keep it as clear and simple as possible so we can ensure your protection on our platform and you can qualify for more programs. For more tips and tricks to navigating the Bugcrowd platform, follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to join us on Discord! The Bugcrowd Forum is also a great place for new ideas. Sign up for a researcher account today to start your hacking journey!