Fastest Way to Private Invites 

Private invites are a great way to earn some serious rewards, upskill yourself, and become an active participant in the hacker community. But you may ask yourself, “how do I get private invites?” 

At Bugcrowd, we value our high-activity researchers and that means the more activity you have on our platform, the more private invites you’ll receive. So the answer to getting private invites is simple: stay active on the platform by hunting, making submissions, and getting paid.  


Let’s talk about Crowdmatch

Let’s start with how the system works, how to get you started, and what else you can do to increase the invites being sent directly to you. 

First, let’s take a look at how the system works. CrowdMatch enables real-time automatic curation of crowds based on our rich knowledge bank to find the best possible match based on:

  • Specific customer needs, environment, and use cases
  • Researcher skill sets, interests, and availability on the other (hundreds of dimensions) 

Furthermore, because it can be more motivating to work on projects that are aligned to your interests, CrowdMatch helps you be more active and productive. Read about best practices to help get the most out of CrowdMatch in this post.

Do submissions help? What about getting paid?

Yes! The best, and easiest way to get invites is to submit more valid reports. Each time you submit a valid report, it provides CrowdMatch with more information about your skill set, securing your eligibility for more private invites in the future. Getting paid is another means to getting more private invites. The more money you get paid for hunting on programs, the more likely you will see new invitations to programs. (Read more about just how important your skills are on the platform in this article.)

With our CrowdMatch technology, the platform combines the variety in your submissions, your account details, and your preferences in a formula to select the right researcher for the right program. 


How does staying active result in more invites?

Instead of a shallow or narrow approach, CrowdMatch enables real-time auto-curation of crowds based on our rich knowledge graph to find the best possible match between specific customer needs, target environment, and use cases on one hand, and researcher skill sets, interests, and availability on the other (hundreds of dimensions). The platform is always working on finding available hackers to hunt on programs, the more active you are the more likely it will see you as a good match for a customer’s needs.

For example, let’s say you’ve recently submitted a couple of valid reports on a web app target, the Bugcrowd platform will know that you are skilled in web app targets AND that you have been recently active. When another program with similar web app targets needs new researchers, you get short-listed! Our system can see what your skills and strengths are and then use that data to invite you to the programs where they’ll matter the most. 

Researchers that are consistently active on programs are more likely to be matched and invited to more programs. Summed up: Stay active, stay connected, and show impact to maximize the invites in your inbox.


What if I’m new or took a break from hunting?

Whether you’re a new researcher or someone who took a bit of a break from hunting, the strategy for getting private invites remains the same: start hunting and making submissions and Bugcrowd’s platform will see you! As soon as you become active and make submissions, the system will see your skills and tag them accordingly. 

For those of you who may have taken a break, you can simply start by making submissions on your old programs to show that you’re active again, and you’ll start receiving private invites. And if you’d like even more opportunities, head on over to Joinable programs and see what programs you may be eligible to join right away! 

For those of you who may be new to the hunt and aren’t sure where to start, check out the Programs page and get hacking. This area provides our current program offerings and includes information on the reward ranges, scope, and target types for specific engagements. Remember, if you are active and make submissions, our system will automatically tag your skills and relevant private invites will be sent your way!


Stay Informed

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