Join us this Saturday, October 5, for LevelUp 0x05!

The fifth edition of LevelUp will feature a full morning of high-quality, technical presentations from members of the Bugcrowd community. Viewers from across the globe can watch live on and participate with fellow conference attendees through the live chat.

Bugcrowd is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities to help our community develop new skills. Launched in 2017, LevelUp is our free online infosec conference series, featuring leaders in the hacking and crowdsourced security space sharing their best practices, strategies, and research to help level up their fellow bug hunters.

For LevelUp 0x05, we are delighted to have speakers from a variety of skill-sets and backgrounds. Here’s what we have in store for you:

  • Hardware Hacking for the Masses (and you!) BusesCanFly
    This introduction to hardware hacking will cover the different fields of entry (embedded, cars, etc.), basic methodologies, and ideal tools to get started.
  • Overview of Common Android App Vulnerabilities Sebastian Porst
    Sebastian is an engineering manager on Google Play Protect. In this presentation, he’ll provide an overview of common vulnerabilities that security researchers find in top apps on Google Play — how to find them, and how to fix them.
  • GSuite Security: Everyone Wants it but Not Everyone Gets it Rojan Rijal
    This talk will cover the GSuite misconfiguration found on most companies, how to prevent these misconfigs, and how as bug bounty hunters you can find these issues.
  • REST in Peace: Abusing GraphQL to Attack Underlying Infrastructure – Matt Szymanski
    From Queries and Mutations to Types and Fields, properly attacking a target requires that you understand it. In this session, we’ll learn enough about GraphQL to be dangerous.

We invite everyone from bug bounty beginners that are looking for tips and tricks to experienced hunters to hear helpful, tactical advice shared from experienced hackers across a spectrum of hacking skill sets.

Visit the LevelUp 0x05 page for our full schedule and links to the livestreams.

Can’t make it?

After the livestream, all of the individual presentations will be uploaded to Bugcrowd’s YouTube channel and available in playlists. Check out LevelUp 0x04’s videos from June 2019.

See you on Saturday!