Whether time or money is involved, researchers and customers are always looking for ways to optimize their investments in their crowdsourced security platform. That’s why the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform™ gives our researchers and customers a best-in-class experience to manage financial transactions and maximize their funds–saving them time and money! 

Today, we’re announcing two new features, Payment Threshold Amount and organization-wide transaction reporting and search, that enrich this experience even further. 

Introducing Payment Threshold Amount

Researchers on the Bugcrowd Platform work hard to keep us safe from evolving cybersecurity threats, so Bugcrowd has consistently innovated to help the Crowd keep more of their hard-earned money. First, we focused on getting you paid faster with Daily Payouts. Next, we launched bank transfers with lowered currency conversion fees and faster deposits. These were considerable strides in the industry, but we are still seeing researchers lose their hard-earned dollars to bank fees. Plus, we know you want more flexibility in managing when and how much you’re paid to accommodate your life needs.

We’re pleased to bring you Payment Threshold Amount, which provides new support in the platform to address both needs. Instead of being paid out for each reward and paying bank fees for each transaction, you can now set a payment threshold amount. This will pause your rewards and let them accumulate until they hit the threshold amount you’ve selected.

Setting the Payment Threshold Amount

Once the threshold amount is reached, the accumulated total amount of all your rewards will be paid out in one total sum, reducing the number of bank fees you have to pay. Plus, you can use this feature for other great benefits:

  • To bundle small rewards that might not meet minimum amounts for bank transfers and wires
  • For tax purposes, depending on your situation
  • To tailor your payout schedule based on your average earned rewards for specific periods

Now, let’s talk about convenience. If life throws you a curveball, and you need your money now but have a payment threshold amount enabled and have not hit your threshold amount, no worries. You can click the button called “Schedule payment,” which will immediately take the accumulated amount you have in rewards and schedule it for the next payment batch. You will get paid within 24 hours or sooner.

Scheduling payments

Plus, this doesn’t affect your Threshold Payment Amount settings. After you’re paid out, your rewards accumulate again until they hit the threshold amount you have set. This saves you time by not having to adjust your settings while using the “Schedule payment” functionality. Simply put, you can get your money within 24 hours and not have to reset your payment settings. 

This feature gives you flexibility when managing your payouts while also helping you keep more of your hard-earned money. For more details on this feature, please visit our Researcher Docs and FAQ.

Next, let’s look at how we are helping our customers save time managing their funds. 

Managing Transactions Across Your Organization

Through the Bugcrowd Platform, customers can now quickly and easily search transactions across all their Bugcrowd-powered solutions that require a funding source at the organizational level. 

These new search capabilities enable customers to search transactions by activity type, transaction type, program name, researcher name, and more. Also, once the customer applies the search filters they want and transactions they wish to review, they can download a CSV of those specific transactions to use for their internal needs.

Downloading transactions

This expanded functionality will save our customers time and make it easy to manage their funds across their Bugcrowd Platform-powered solutions. For more detail on this feature, please visit our Customer Docs

Focus on Best-in-Class Experience

We hope that customers and researchers alike get lots of value from these new features. The journey is far from over: We’ll continue to invest and innovate in payments infrastructure that delivers a best-in-class experience on the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform