The Researcher Dashboard has a fresh coat of paint. This enhanced dashboard makes Bugcrowd simpler, faster, and easier to use than ever before! 

You’ll notice a few benefits right away based on the new design: 

  • A one-stop-shop of In-Platform Tasks and Recent Activity 
  • Overview of Total and Upcoming Rewards
  • Customized Program recommendations from our CrowdMatch engine

We designed our Dashboard to be a single workspace to reduce clutter, increase productivity, and make your experience as a researcher more enjoyable and intuitive. We’ve introduced modern design elements to refresh the look and feel of the dashboards while also making them more secure and functional. These enhancements aim to give you more time to focus on what matters…bug hunting! 

Researcher Dashboard Features

We understand that each of our researchers are unique and have different needs when it comes to working on the platform. As always, our primary directive is to make the Bugcrowd platform the home for hackers and security researchers. Taking in your feedback, our team has redesigned the dashboard with features you’ve been requesting such as program recommendations, current tasks on submissions, rewards, and activity on recent programs!

New! Tasks – The task list contains all the tasks you currently need to complete based on your past activity – this includes submissions blocked on you, forms that require your completion, etc.

New! Activity Feed – The activity feed helps you get caught up on everything you need to know since the last time you logged in, including submission activity, messages, updated blockers, submission state changes, and requested CrowdStream Disclosures. 

Rewards – You can now view rewards earned in the past 30 days plus upcoming bounties to be paid out to your account. 

Recent + Just For You Program Recommendations – Here you can view your recent submissions to programs that you are participating in. You’ll also find recommendations on programs we think you’ll enjoy participating in. This includes Just for You recommendations and any other program you should consider joining!

What’s Next? 

This is only the beginning for improvements to the Researcher experience on our platform! We expect this dashboard to change and evolve to meet your needs, so please let us know your feedback on how we can make this better! You can submit your feedback by reaching out to with your comments and suggestions. 

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Portfolio Accounts 

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Daily Payments and more!

We have recently enhanced our payment offerings to include Daily Payments and have expanded our payment options to include Bank Transfers to 60+ countries, Wire, ACH, Cryptocurrency, and Paypal. This improved flexibility allows you tighter control of payment scheduling, lower conversion fees, and gets money into your account faster! For information, visit the Bugcrowd Blog or reach out to

Happy Hunting!