Gone are the days when you lose track of your program invites. Our tokenized search has been expanded. You can now search for programs you’ve been invited to and filter by invite date using new tokens. New to tokens? They’re a quick way of sorting through the Bugcrowd Program catalogue. If you aren’t using them yet, you should start today!

Once you are logged into the platform, head on over to the Programs catalogue and take a look at the token search bar. You’ll notice we’ve updated the token combination to include the [sort:invited-asc or -desc] token. Now, the default token set will display the list of programs that you’ve received invites from. Additionally, you can use the [invite-sent] token to filter based on the date the program invite was sent to you!

Here’s a quick list of some tokens you might find useful:

disclosure-policy: true Filter to show all programs that have opted to allow coordinated disclosure.
joinable:true Filter to show the programs that you can self-join if eligible.
waitlisted:true Filter to show the programs that you can apply to, if you meet eligibility criteria.
waitlist-application Filter to show waitlist programs based on your application status, that is applications that are approved, enqueued, not-applied, pending approval, or rejected.
target-category Filter to show programs based on the specified target category. You can use this key multiple times within a query to view programs that have either categories. For example, view programs based on android and ios categories.
pending-invite Filter to show programs for which you have pending invitations.
starts Filter based on the program’s start date.
Filter to show programs you’ve been invited to in ascending or descending order.
invite-sent Filter based on the date when the program invite was sent.

Make sure you include a colon after the filter key and do not include any spaces between the filter key and value when searching. 

Are you curious about all the available tokens you can use when searching the Program catalogue? Head on over to our Researcher Documentation: Filtering Programs for a full list of tokens and their descriptions.

Stay tuned for more Platform Updates! Want to be part of the Crowd? Join our Discord and sign up for a Researcher Account!