If you haven’t noticed yet, the security industry harbors some of the world’s most skilled meme creators. However, it’s been a while since we stumbled upon a meme that truly made us do a double-take and LOL. That’s why we’re bringing back Meme Madness—a challenge that’s been a favorite since the Hackle days (if you know, you know). It’s a challenge only one will truly conquer! Check out the first year’s challenge here!

Highlights from last year’s Meme Madness

Nothing helps inspire ideas like a stroll through memory lane. Check out last year’s Meme Madness entries here. No plagiarism allowed! 

The competition was tight last year. It came down to two hilarious memes…

Last challenge, we saw some seriously top-notch creations that set a high bar, but hey, we know you have what it takes to one-up them. Take a peek at the top pick’s from previous years here and get ready to top them! 

How Meme Madness works

Just like the name says, it’s a mad world of meme competition. Similar to the thrilling March Madness season of basketball, we’re bringing the same level of excitement and competition to the world of memes. Starting now, you can head to our social media platforms–LinkedIn and X–to submit YOUR best memes.You bring your best meme, and we’ll decide if it’s truly the best or if you’ll get kicked out of the bracket in round one. We know, it’s harsh, so keep them original and cybersecurity focused. 

Prize Details: The creator of the winning meme will not only see their creation immortalized on a t-shirt but will also receive a shoutout on our company’s social media channels and their very own “bugmoji.” 

Judging Criteria: Our expert meme panel will evaluate memes based on humor, creativity, and relevance to cybersecurity.

Submission Guidelines: To enter the competition, ensure your meme is in image format (jpeg, png), is appropriate, and uses the designated hashtag: #MemeMadness.

Once the clock runs out and you’ve submitted your art, our team will hit the locker room to select the top 16 memes. Then, it’s tip-off time–voting for the top 16 begins on March 27. Head to our social media platforms and make your picks to determine which memes advance to the next round. You will determine the winning meme! The winner will have a brand new t-shirt to wear around town (or just when they hack, either way!). 

Mark your calendars, sharpen your wit, and join us for the ultimate meme showdown. Don’t forget to stay tuned to our social channels for all the latest updates, sneak peeks, and other challenges!