Every year when Bugcrowd’s flagship report, Inside the Mind of a Hacker, comes out, readers get the newest data and trends around the hacker community–from demographics to motivations. In the 2023 edition, we surprised readers with a special section all about generative AI. For so long, AI felt like a looming storm cloud–distant yet ominous. But almost overnight, generative AI became accessible to the masses. The internet filled with fear-mongering articles covering the terrifying consequences AI could have on cybersecurity, but in Inside the Mind of a Hacker, we wanted to talk about some of the cool ways hackers are using AI to make the world a safer place.

We compiled an infographic of some of the biggest generative AI findings, which you can check out below. Here are five of the most surprising findings:

1. 94% of hackers already use AI or plan to start using it in the future to help them ethically hack


2. 72% of hackers do not believe AI will ever replicate the human creativity of hackers


3. 91% of hackers believe that AI technologies have increased the value of hacking or will increase its value in the future


4. 98% of hackers using generative AI for security research use ChatGPT


5. 78% of hackers believe that AI will disrupt the way ethical hackers conduct penetration testing or work on bug bounty programs