We are pleased to announce a brand new way for researchers to gain access to private programs: Waitlisted Programs

A few weeks ago, we launched Joinable Programs, where researchers can choose to join programs based on eligibility criteria. This was a great first step, but there will always be programs with niche requirements falling outside the normal range, and that’s where Waitlisted comes in. Now, researchers like you can find and apply to programs that have these niche requirements; programs that otherwise would have been “invite only.” 

Previously, the only way to gain access to these programs was for our Program Ops team to know you fit the requirements, and reach out to you directly. For example, maybe a program requires researchers from specific countries, or requires experience in a niche field or special expertise, or maybe a piece of hardware is needed to test. With Waitlisted, Bugcrowd is providing more transparency about our private programs and enabling you to explain what makes you the right Researcher for a program’s success.

To find programs that are Waitlisted, use the drop-down filter menu on the programs page and select Waitlisted. Just like Joinable, program tiles and briefs will display high-level information about the scope, rewards, and basic eligibility requirements. In addition, the brief will tell you what specific requirements the program may have under “Supporting Evidence.” If the program catches your interest and you believe you could be successful on the program, all you need to do is apply.

When applying to a program, please provide detailed evidence to prove you are the right researcher for the program. The better you explain your past successes with the target types and/or your experience in the industry, the more likely you are to be selected. 

Our Operations team will regularly review the applications and will notify you if your application has been accepted or declined. In the case that your application is declined, our Program Ops team will let you know why it was declined. In some cases, they may be able to direct you toward opportunities to help you develop your skill set and/or qualifications so as to be a better fit for similar programs in the future.

We here at Bugcrowd know that gaining access to programs is the key to your professional, financial, and personal success. We have been hard at work on a number of new features launching this year that open up the pathway for the Crowd to attain higher levels of success.

So go out there, check out the programs currently available under Waitlisted, and happy hunting!