What is Bugcrowd?

Simply put, Bugcrowd is a multi-solution crowdsourced security platform. We work with members of the Crowd to help secure a wide variety of organizations around the world via pen testing, vulnerability disclosure programs, bug bounties, and more. The Crowd is made up of a wide range of professionals, all with different backgrounds and skill levels. They include IT professionals, students, security engineers, experienced hackers, and those just starting out in the cybersecurity industry. We have no shortage of targets, including web, API, iOS, Android, automotive, and binary apps. Among our competition, we stand out for our standardized bug rating system (VRT) and a superb support team dedicated to fulfilling your needs. 

There have never been more security risks than there are today. Bugcrowd seamlessly connects hackers with customers in need, resulting in high rewards, a pleasant experience, and a more secure online ecosystem. 

Hacking opportunities at Bugcrowd

No matter your skill level, interests, or ambition, there’s something for everyone at Bugcrowd. Are you looking to hack and earn top-dollar rewards? Do you want to be part of a safe community to finetune and up-level your skills? Are you maybe interested in building a network and finding career opportunities?

Regardless of your reasons for showing up, Bugcrowd has you covered. Read on to learn more about our offerings.

Bug bounty

We offer a plethora of bug bounty programs, from public to private. Check out our programs list for more details regarding rewards, scopes, activities, and much more.


Some of our programs follow a vulnerability disclosure program (VDP) framework. If you’re new to bug bounty or want to add to your repertoire of skills, this is a great place to get started!

Private programs

Some bug bounty programs are private and require an invitation to join. To learn more about how to consistently receive private program invites, read this quick article!

Keep in mind that the minimum criteria to qualify for private programs are as follows:

Joinable and waitlisted opportunities

Private programs are a great way to earn some serious rewards. When a company wants to limit activity on their program, they’ll run a private program. Their reasons may vary, but regardless, such programs are an opportunity for you! Get started by self-joining a Joinable program if you meet the requirements. 

Penetration tests

Pen tests have three defining characteristics: they are performed by external testers, are typically time-bound, and usually follow a testing methodology. What’s unique about Bugcrowd pen tests is that they’re powered by our SaaS-based platform. This means that we expertly match you with an organization that fits your unique skills. Enjoy methodology-driven testing and lucrative incentives.

Why should you hack with Bugcrowd?

There are endless reasons to hunt on Bugcrowd. We provide ample opportunities and support, helping you grow your skills while getting you paid for your efforts. But as we said, it’s not just a crowd, it’s a community. And the community at Bugcrowd shines.

When you sign up to hunt with Bugcrowd, you are signing up for a community determined to see you succeed. Internally, our triage team works to ensure your submissions are handled quickly and accurately. You can expect quick reward payments and encouraging communication from our team to you. 

Expect the best triage experience in the industry at Bugcrowd. Not only does our in-house triage team consist of actual hackers just like you, but we offer a consistent Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy and guided submission templates to assist you along your journey. Best of all, we have the fastest triage times in the industry, even at the Log4J scale. That means quick responses and even faster rewards for you. 

We value your trust. We handle your submissions with honesty, and we relay customer communications with transparency. That’s why we offer our Make-It-Right policy. Our Make-It Right policy guarantees your effort is not lost due to misalignment between parties involved. No matter what level you’re at when you join, you’ll find kindness, knowledge, and a willingness to support your journey as a hacker.

Getting started is easy

Eager to get started? Run, don’t walk, to set up your researcher portal. Our CrowdMatch technology will start learning about you right away. Poke around CrowdStream and our Programs page to start hacking. VDPs are also a safe place to start. If you have the right background, you could also jump into our Waitlisted or Joinable programs or head straight into any one of our public bug bounty programs. For an in-depth look into all that Bugcrowd has to offer, check out our comprehensive guide

Final thoughts

There are many reasons to hack with Bugcrowd. A diverse crowd, abundant opportunities, networking, career growth, and an amazingly supportive community are just a few. Join our Bugcrowd Twitter and Discord community to connect with thousands of other hackers just like you.