We don’t normally say this, but you might want to save this article. Not only will we highlight the best ways to navigate and use the Bugcrowd Support portal, but we’ll explain the what, when, how and how-nots of our support service. 

Our Values 

Providing excellent support is one of our highest priorities. If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. In order to achieve a high-value support process, we keep these in mind:

  1. Provide excellent support to researchers and customers while personalizing and humanizing their experience.
  2. Have researchers and customers look forward to reaching out and engaging with Support.

We’re here to help. Keeping you front and center, we aim to make your Bugcrowd Support experience as productive as possible.

Where to start

Before contacting Support, explore great self-service solutions from Bugcrowd to help you find the answer to your question or need. Make sure to take advantage of these resources to help you find your solution even faster:

Here are just a few of the helpful topics covered in our Docs:

  • Platform onboarding 
  • Account management
  • Program management
  • Submission management

Plus, check out the Bugcrowd Blog. We regularly post helpful researcher blog posts. You can find articles on feature announcements, researcher tips, write-ups, and upcoming events.

To help you stay current on the latest and greatest Bugcrowd is offering, check out our Changelog to receive our latest updates

Make sure that you look for a solution yourself before reaching out to someone—the hackers’ credo. While hacking, you’ll often be met with confusing conditions. It’s up to you to dig deeper. That means, search for solutions using the resources available.

For example, if you have general questions about hacking, go where the hackers are!

  • Ask the Discord community. Join a community on Discord. Here, you can ask questions directly to your fellow hunters. A kindness tip: be patient. People live in different time zones and have their own schedules. Make the most of async communication.
  • Leverage X. A lot of bug bounty hunters and infosec members are active on X. Shoot your shot. Ask your question directly or tag someone that you think will be able to help you. (Quick X tip: use advanced queries and lists to find your answer. For example, want to know if Bugcrowd has ever tweeted any XSS tips? Try using the following query: “from:bugcrowd xss min_faves:30”)
  • Google. Sometimes what we were looking for is right in front of us. Try using an advanced query to search within a particular context for a higher chance at the best result. (Quick Google tip: search the Bugcrowd blog using the following query: site:bugcrowd.com/blog “question”)

How to Reach Bugcrowd Support

If self-service resources don’t meet your need, for the fastest and most efficient response from the Bugcrowd Support team, submit a support ticket through the Bugcrowd Support portal.

Some benefits of using our self-service ticketing portal are:

  • 24×7 visibility and status of your submitted tickets for easy tracking and management
  • Easily respond and add new information to your tickets
  • Close tickets for which you no longer need assistance

We highly encourage you to use our fast and easy ticketing portal. Through the portal, you’ll receive an automated routing and prioritization experience which allows tickets to be assigned and resolved more efficiently. Our team will acknowledge portal requests with a trackable ticket number within 2 business days. For best results, keep your request concise, informative, and action oriented.

As described in the previous section, although the following resources are useful for community building, discussion, and general feedback, please do not use them to reach out to the Bugcrowd Support team: 

  • @Bugcrowd Twitter
  • Discord
  • Emailing the Customer/PO/client
  • X DMs to Bugcrowd employees

 What Can Bugcrowd Support Help You With?

There is more than one way to run into issues when hacking. The Bugcrowd Support team is here to help! Here are a few key areas with which we can assist:

  • General inquiries regarding the Bugcrowd Platform
  • Dispute issues
  • Platform access
  • Program scope clarifications
  • Questions regarding credentials
  • Questions regarding payments
  • Requests for submissions to be routed to the ASE Appeals team to begin the appeals process
  • Technical support inquiries

If your question or issue is not listed here or you don’t find a solution in our self-service resources, don’t hesitate to reach out to Bugcrowd Support. 

When Can Bugcrowd Support Help You?

Bugcrowd Support offers 24 hour support Monday 12:00 AM through Friday 5:00 PM PST.  Weekend coverage is offered Saturday and Sunday between 9:00 AM – 6 PM PST.

That being said, tickets take time to respond to. Here is a guide for our Support Service Level Objectives (SLOs): 

  • First response (acknowledgment Support has received your ticket): Within 2 business days
  • Follow up responses (ticket updates): Every 3-5 business days
  • Support owned Resolutions:  Within 10-15 business days
  • Resolutions requiring input from other Bugcrowd teams:  Resolution times will vary but we will provide regular updates every 3-5 business days

Keep in mind that business days do not include US holidays and will impact response times. 

Compassion goes a long way

The infosec industry is still relatively new and the Bugcrowd Support team is learning alongside you. There have been learnings along the way as we organize, but our Support team always has you front and center. 

At the end of the day, true coexistence and partnerships are achieved when we can seamlessly merge hacker values and customer values. That’s our goal. We’re all learning new skills and the compassion we show each other along the way goes far in creating the best possible space for you to hack. 

We hope this article serves as a comprehensive guide as you explore our platform and other resources. We’re never finished learning, improving and growing and we know you understand that. Your feedback is always welcome.

Follow us on X, Instagram, and Discord for announcements and community discussions. Take a look at our Docs. “Follow” our Announcements page for general announcements from the Bugcrowd Support team (holiday closures, platform maintenance windows, feature announcements, etc.)And last, but certainly not least, reach out to us using the Bugcrowd Support portal whenever you need assistance.