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API Penetration Test

Secure the Lurking Risk
with Penetration Testing-as-a-Service

Quickly discover, assess and secure your API ecosystem

Address the Fast-Growing Threat in Your Attack Surface

The explosive use of application programming interfaces (APIs) is a key driver in the rise of DevOps and digital transformations. APIs accelerate software creation by allowing developers to hook into application data and business logic. Unfortunately, the unique access APIs have to applications also makes them ripe targets for malicious actors. They exploit vulnerabilities lurking in APIs to exfiltrate data and disrupt application functionality. Bugcrowd API Penetration Testing roots out security vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses in APIs that go undetected with traditional testing and automated scans.

Painlessly Secure Your API Ecosystem With Crowd Matched Pen Testing

Bugcrowd API Pen Tests plug directly into your API development and management processes. The Bugcrowd Platform, in tandem with certified, precisely matched security researchers managed by Bugcrowd, provide rapid, rigorous API pen testing.

A small sampling of activities includes:

Searching public code repositories for instances where an API may be used

Checking for misconfigured services and DNS records allowing for subdomain takeovers or similar attacks

Testing authentication flow for logic errors that may result in bypasses

Testing for access control issues between user roles and for default/weak credentials

The Bugcrowd API pen testing methodology follows common testing standards, such as OWASP, PTES and OSSTMM. Our solutions have improved cybersecurity for organizations worldwide, including top Fortune 500 companies in dozens of industries.

What You Get

In addition to expert matching, every Bugcrowd API Pen Test includes:

Rapid triage, finding validation and prioritization by in-house Bugcrowd experts

24/7 visibility into vulnerabilities with real-time findings via the Bugcrowd portal and integrations

Get detailed, expert advice on how to remediate discovered vulnerabilities to fix findings faster.

In-depth reporting that has been vetted to meet PCI, NIST, ISO 27001, and CMMC compliance and regulatory standard

The Power of the Platform—More Accurate Results Faster

Bugcrowd Network Penetration Testing is managed through the SaaS-based Bugcrowd Platform that uniquely combines crowd resource matching and security workflow automation to help you identify and resolve issues faster.

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