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Bugcrowd Acquires Informer to Enhance Offerings Across Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing
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Analytics and reporting


Measure and improve your security posture

A rich suite of reports and dashboards in the Bugcrowd Security Knowledge PlatformTM help you create and meet KPIs


Industry Benchmarking

Measure program performance and benchmark it across other companies in your industry.


Detailed Reporting

Understand risk at a vulnerability level combined with executive summaries, rolled up across all your programs.


Leaderboard Analytics

Researchers can track their reputation and leaderboard status across the platform.


Templates for Regulated Industries

Complete reporting requirements for regulated industries based on pre-built templates.


Benchmarking against industry peers

Create reports on demand to benchmark your organization against industry peers. Key metrics include quality and quantity of submissions, researcher engagement, remediation time, and spend/ROI. We also provide report templates for regulated industries to help prove out compliance with PCI, SOC 2, and other standards.


Track financial KPIs

Track the money and time being spent on your crowdsourced security solutions. Trends revealed there can lead you to increase scope, expand the size of your crowd, restructure your reward levels, or make other changes to your programs.

Featured Resource

Bugcrowd Security Knowledge Platform

This ebook offers an overview of how the Bugcrowd Platform orchestrates data, technology, and human intelligence to integrate the best security researchers in the world with your security workflows, while matching the right researchers to your goals, environment, and use cases at the right time.

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Spot vulnerability trends

The Insights Dashboard reveals key trends about vulnerability severity over time, with ratings based on our industry-standard Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy.


For Researchers: Leaderboard recognition

In addition to having a personalized dashboard tracking her activity, to-do tasks, and monetary rewards, researchers can follow the top hackers on the gamification leaderboard. This helps decide who to collaborate with so as to earn more on upcoming bug bounty programs.

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