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Bugcrowd Acquires Informer to Enhance Offerings Across Attack Surface Management and Penetration Testing
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Expanding Risk Reduction with a Crowdsourced Security Platform

Expanding Risk Reduction with a Crowdsourced Security Platform

In a constant storm of cyber threats, one-off solutions and reactive measures simply do not cut it anymore. Crowdsourced security helps organizations take back control in this environment, helping organizations stop attackers before they can even think about striking. However, implementing crowdsourcing with scale and efficiency can be difficult.

The Bugcrowd Platform connects the power of crowdsourced security with an AI-powered, multi-solution platform built on the industry’s richest repository of vulnerabilities, assets, and hacker profiles curated over a decade.

This guide covers 10 ways the Bugcrowd Platform goes beyond crowdsourced security and traditional security testing to provide elevated outcomes.

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