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2021 Edition

The Ultimate Guide to Bug Bounty

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Your guide to a growing attack surface, the cybersecurity skill shortage, and combatting dynamic adversaries.

Developers make mistakes, which can unfortunately be costly. With 50x more online data in 2020 than in 2016, ineffective security architecture, and dynamic adversaries, the situation already is overwhelming. Add a cybersecurity skill shortage in the mix and it’s downright dreadful.

Crowdsourced security was born out of a need to tackle the current security resource model and cost. This report examines the evolution of crowdsourced security and the emergence of the Crowd (with a capital “C”). It also covers why modern crowdsourced security platforms are best placed to close the gap between security and development.

Download the guide to learn:

  • What constitutes a “bug bounty” and how programs differ across organizations
  • Why organizations of all sizes are shifting away from pen test alternatives
  • Top tips for launching a program, and how to grow and measure the impact of your bug bounty program, plus questions to ask a prospective bug bounty provider to ensure a good fit
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