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Sticking With It : How To Choose a Target & Stay Motivated


It’s really easy to find yourself lost in the number of bug bounty programs available, whether on dedicated platforms or external programs, the sheer number can be exhausting. Even when you find something to hack, brought on by the frustration of not finding a bug or anticipation when a new invite finds its way into your inbox, temptation sets in. It can be difficult to resist the urge to jump ship despite the guilt of “Am I giving up too quickly?“. In this talk we cover how to choose the target right for you, how to keep motivated whilst hacking and more importantly to make the call: time to move on or keep on trucking.

Katie is a Ph.D. student in machine learning and cybersecurity. During her free time, she is a bug bounty hunter and cybersecurity Youtuber. Having only started bug bounty in 2019, she’s still a bit of a noob, but always learning. Katie is really passionate about giving back to the community who helped her by producing videos on the basics of bug bounty and how to find your first bug. You can find her on twitter @InsiderPhD and on YouTube as InsiderPhD.

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