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5 Tips and Tricks for Running a Successful Bug Bounty Program


Bug bounties have continued to grab headlines over the past year – we’ve seen 40% growth in program launches during the past year. As bug bounty programs have become a necessity, so has understanding the nuances of how to make a bug bounty program successful.

Running a successful bug bounty program starts far before the actual program launch and is a continuous process. If you’re running your own, or starting with a vendor, what do you REALLY need to to know?

Join Cisco Meraki’s Bug Bounty Program Manager, Alexander Laliberte and Bugcrowd’s Sr. Manager of Solutions Architect, Grant McCracken for a panel discussion on:

  • What a successful program looks like
  • Practical tips for optimizing your bug bounty program
  • What levers an organization can pull to see success

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