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A Discussion on Threat-Lead Prioritization

A Discussion on Threat-Lead Prioritization


The blistering pace of technology changes and the increasing aggression of cyber-bourne adversaries are making it increasingly difficult to prioritize vulnerabilities. Also, the consequences of an exploited vulnerability are exploding in cost, especially with the rise of ransomware around the world, so it is more important than ever to prioritize this management of vulnerabilities.

Fortunately, Bugcrowd are experts in this area. Every day, we review and triage hundreds, if not thousands, of vulnerabilities from our helpful hacker community which would otherwise be used as footholds for malicious attackers.

In this webinar, Bugcrowd is partnering with the world leading experts in endpoint security CrowdStrike, where we will sit down together and merge Bugcrowd’s knowledge of “what is vulnerable, and where” with CrowdStrike’s market-leading (intelligence) knowledge of “who is attacking what” to discuss:

  • Which eCrime and nation-state actors are taking advantage of current vulnerabilities?
  • What methods, tools, and procedures do these attackers employ?
  • What role can the whitehat hacker community and platforms like Bugcrowd play in making vulnerability prioritization simpler and more effective?

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