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AI Safety and Compliance: Securing the New AI Attack Surface

AI is revolutionizing how work is done in every industry, and it has the potential to solve unsolvable problems beyond improving productivity. But it also poses unique challenges for security and business leaders, as reflected in President Biden’s Executive Order 14110 establishing U.S. federal standards for AI safety, security, and trustworthiness, along with the formation of a U.S. Artificial Intelligence Safety Institute.

In this conversation featuring Bugcrowd Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Casey Ellis, and Conductor AI Founder, Zach Long, you’ll learn:

  • How the AI attack surface differs from the current state and main considerations for security teams

  • Emerging compliance requirements for adopters of AI

  • Why crowdsourcing is the right solution at the right time for these urgent challenges


  • Casey Ellis, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder, Bugcrowd

  • Zach Long, Founder, Conductor AI

Casey-Ellis (1)
Casey Ellis
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Zach-Long (1)
Zach Long

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