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Ask A Hacker Anything with xyantix

Ask A Hacker Anything; xyantix on Pen Testing, the importance of networking, automation workflows and more!

Xyantix, aka CJ, is a 3x P1 warrior, penetration tester, and experienced hacker who started his journey in the industry by leaving high school in grade 11. He’s passionate about inspiring others to pursue their career goals regardless of their educational background. CJ thrives in the hacking community, networking with fellow enthusiasts and collaborating on intriguing projects.

And stick around as we open the floor to ask xyantix anything!

Bio: Naturally curious and a problem solver, CJ enjoys tackling complex challenges and exploring places, both physical and virtual, that are off-limits. He dedicates significant time to reconnaissance in bug bounties and fine-tunes automation workflows for reliable data.

Beyond his hacking and pen testing pursuits, CJ is a proud cat dad, fiancé, and music enthusiast.

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