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Security Flash with Atlassian: From Hacker to CISO

Security Flash with Atlassian: From Hacker to CISO


Bad actors attack a new web application every 39 seconds. Even with so much of the world on pause in a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty, cybercrime continues to thrive.

But rivaling these forces is a group of security researchers and ethical hackers that work against these bad actors for the good of society.

So, have you ever wondered who these security researchers are?

In this Security Flash Interview, Bugcrowd’s CEO, Ashish Gupta will sit down with Atlassian’s CISO, Adrian Ludwig to talk about his journey from hacker to CISO.

In this interview, they discuss:

  • How Adrian went from hacker to CISO
  • How his perspective of the attack surface changed
  • How crowdsourced security supported his journey

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