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Bugcrowd and IOActive : Security Testing Unlocked

Bugcrowd and IOActive : Security Testing Unlocked


Crowdsourced security has fast become a foundational element of any organization’s cybersecurity program. Yet, any time a new approach is prescribed, its relationship to current solutions comes into question.

Traditional testing methods, such as penetration testing, and crowdsourced platforms are and will remain complementary. In fact, 60% of security leaders see room to add continuous security testing programs to their traditional point-in-time pen testing efforts.

Watch Bugcrowd and IOActive to learn more about how we’ve joined forces to provide full-stack continuous testing options for customers across all industries. By combining IOActive’s research-fueled security services with Bugcrowd’s #1 crowdsourced security platform, the scope of security testing becomes endless.

During this webinar, Bugcrowd CSO David Baker and IOActive COO Matt Rahman dive into their new partnership and answer your burning questions, including:

  • How do pen testing and crowdsourced security differ in methodology?
  • What are each of their strengths, and how can they complement one another?
  • What are the possibilities for companies looking to maximize their security investments?

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