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Building an Effective Crowdsourced Security Program in Healthcare

Building an Effective Crowdsourced Security Program in Healthcare


Attack surfaces are growing with increased technology adoption and more data and infrastructure in healthcare. IT systems, connected medical devices, digital health applications, electronic patient records – the list goes on. As healthcare continues to move into the digital age, effective cybersecurity measures are crucial for operational resiliency. Standards like ISO / IEC 800001 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework are pushing healthcare IT to make change.

Redox, a leading healthcare integration platform, takes a layered approach to application security testing, but knowing the expanding attack surface and active adversaries, the company was not content with the status quo. Redox added in crowdsourced security testing through a Bugcrowd bug bounty program to uplevel the security program and now sees the benefits of uncovering critical vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Watch Bugcrowd CSO, David Baker and Redox CSO, Ben Waugh for a discussion on:

  • Healthcare cybersecurity landscape
  • Redox’s approach to healthcare security
  • How healthcare tech can benefit from crowdsourced security
  • Impact of crowdsourced security on healthcare

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