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CISO Panel – What to Look out for in 2019

What to Look out for in 2019


The rules for cybersecurity are constantly changing. Today, security leaders are not only looking to find the best tools and approaches to combat cybercrime, they are also tasked with demonstrating ROI and reducing spend.

Join Bugcrowd CSO David Baker and a panel of security leaders including Gusto CSO, Fredrick Lee, and Head of Security at Segment, Coleen Coolidge as they talk about how they are navigating this constantly changing landscape, their security concerns, and priorities for 2019.

Evolving Your Security Strategy to the Challenges of 2022

By david.chou, Jun 05, 2022
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Defensive Vulnerability Economics

By admin-mk, Jun 04, 2022
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Pen Test Sample Report

By admin-mk, May 31, 2022
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