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Defining NGPT

Defining NGPT


At their core, penetration tests answer two critical questions:

Is my stuff secure?
How do you know?

The value of pen testing is timeless. While the methodology, the resource, the content etc. has and will continue to flux as technology and customer needs evolve, the value of an objective, standardized assessment isn’t going anywhere.

But how do you really know whether you’re secure or not?

When organizations want to find more high priority vulnerabilities, faster, they turn to managed crowdsourced security programs. When they need the objective compliance artifacts required by stakeholders, but don’t want to sacrifice the results from a crowdsourced model, they turn to Next Gen Pen Tests.

Watch Bugcrowd’s CSO David Baker for a discussion on:

  • What is Next Gen Pen Test
  • Traditional Pen Test v. Next Gen Pen Test
  • The impact on the market

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