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From Oh Sh*t to Fixed

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The global security threat outlook evolves with each new year. New technological innovation brings new attack vectors, increasing the number of ways that known and unknown vulnerabilities can be exploited, potentially causing damage to everyone from large enterprises to small businesses and individuals.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that more organizations are turning to crowdsourced security to level the playing field. In the last year alone we saw a 29% increase in programs launched, and a 92% increase in submissions on these programs. The first step is creating a channel to accept vulnerabilities, the second to incentivize them, and the third is getting them fixed.

Watch now to dig into the third pillar of DevSecOps: getting sh*t fixed. In this webinar, CSO David Baker will discuss best practices for going from oh sh*t to fixed and will provide real world examples of organizations that have avoided the financial and reputational cost of a breach.

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