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Pen Test Portfolio Overview : Introducing Classic Pen Test

Pen Test Portfolio Overview : Introducing Classic Pen Test


While penetration testing is an invaluable tool for security and business initiatives alike, the current model for resourcing and deploying them fails to meet today’s critical requirements. Lengthy scheduling delays and lack of integration into business workflows has stalled both compliance objectives and go-to-market for organizations of all sizes.

Join Lauren Craigie and Kaushik Srinivas as they share how the newest solution to join the Bugcrowd Pen Test portfolio, Classic Pen Test, can provide businesses rapid access to top talent for methodology-driven testing on a predictable pay-per-project basis.

You’ll learn:

  • How to determine the right testing style for your current security and compliance goals
  • How Classic Pen Test works, and how easily it can be integrated into your existing workflows
  • Why Classic Pen Test beats traditional penetration testing in speed, visibility, and quality of results

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