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Social Engineering AMA with Rachel Tobac

Social Engineering AMA with Rachel Tobac


Social engineering is now one of the most common attack vectors in cybersecurity, with everyone from individuals to multinational corporations being targets. Without proper awareness and practices, even the most seemingly minor divulsion of information can lead to a catastrophic exploit by a skilled attacker.

Join us for the next edition of Crowd Café. We’ll dive into this topic with Rachel Tobac, Co-founder and CEO of SocialProof Security, and an expert practitioner in social engineering hacks and how to prevent them. 

You’ll hear:

  • How digital transformation has raised the stakes for social engineering risk
  • What organizations can and should do to protect their customers and employees
  • Rachel’s real life hacking stories from the field

This will be an open “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session, so bring your questions!

Rachel Tobac
CEO of SocialProof Security
Join us for an AMA with Rachel Tobac, hacker and Cofounder/CEO of SocialProof Security

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