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State of Retail Cybersecurity 2019

State of Retail Cybersecurity 2019


77% of consumers cite vendor security as one of their top selection criteria for purchase. While Target showed us early on that even brick and mortar establishments were not immune to cyber attack, the relatively recent arrival of hybrid buying models for seamless transacting between digital marketplaces and in-person purchase points only further compounds and complicates risk for retailers around the world. In our State of Retail report, we dive into the security trends that are consuming many retail organizations, including the shift to security as a differentiator, and show how our own retail customers are responding.

On the heels of our State of Retail Report, watch now for a discussion with Bugcrowd CSO, David Baker, and our special retail guest, Toast, where we’ll cover:

  • Top vulnerabilities seen across all retail programs
  • The challenge of balancing seamless and secure buying experience
  • How Point of Sale systems have evolved to meet new security challenges

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