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10 Ways to Save with Bug Bounty

10 Ways To Save With Bug Bounty

Bug bounties are a pay-for-results approach to proactive security testing designed to maximize discovery of high-impact vulnerabilities. Through managed bug bounty programs, organizations are given access to thousands of highly skilled and thoroughly vetted security researchers ready to help organizations find vulnerabilities other tools miss.

The global nature of the Crowd means 24/7 talent availability, with launch timelines that blow traditional utilization-based models out of the water. Platform-powered solutions also include 24/7 vulnerability visibility and reporting, high-touch researcher management, and seamless business process integration with your development team’s favorite ticketing and vulnerability management solutions.

In this infographic, we outlined some of the key benefits of bug bounty programs and ways they help you save money, time, and resources. If you’re interested in learning more about bug bounty programs and crowdsourced security best practices, check out the 2021 Ultimate Guide to Bug Bounty.

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