Now that unaccepted program invitations expire after 8 days, you might be wondering what Bugcrowd is doing with all of those unused invites. More importantly, you might be wondering how you might get your hands on some of them.  

Since making this change to our invitation process, we have been able to provide researchers with more program invitations and opportunities to choose from than ever before.

If you are hungry for more program opportunities we are running a campaign that will give you the opportunity to get invites to your inbox. 

How to get bonus invites 

The Operations team will review the completion of Qualification Tasks and Award Tasks to determine which researchers receive bonus invites. Researchers that complete the Qualification Tasks and all of the Award Tasks will receive 25 new program invitations! Yes, you read that correctly, the awards stack!

Deadline to Complete Qualification Tasks and Award Tasks: July 15th

After the qualification period has ended, our team will get to work on calculating invite counts. Bonus invites will be awarded starting July 26th. You might not receive all of your bonus invites at one time but you will receive them as quickly as we can find programs that best match your skills and preferences! 

Qualification Tasks (must be completed to qualify for awards)
Fill out or Update Researcher Availability 
Fill out or Update Skills & Preferences


Award Task Invite Award
Fill out or update a detailed Resume  5 invites
Connect your Github Profile  5 Invites
Complete your ID Verification  5 Invites
Background Check (Limited spots available)

  • Apply by sending a Background Check request to with “July Expiring Invites” in the subject line 
10 invites

Why Bugcrowd Cares About These Profile Tasks

Our platform uses data of many forms to inform our CrowdMatch recommendation engine. The information that you provide through skills and profile preferences is used to find better matches between you and programs. The more information that the system has to work with, the more likely it is that it can find a matching program that best suits your skills, availability, and preferences. To read more about private invites check out our blog on that topic.

What if I completed all the tasks previously? 

You will need to update your Skills & Preferences and Availability to meet the Qualification Tasks requirement for these bonus invitations. Adding any new professional ventures and experiences, as well as certifications to your resume, will improve your profile data! Which will lead to more invites! 

The Private Program Invitation Debate: Net-New vs. Ongoing

There has been debate in the community about the perceived value of net-new invites vs programs that have been active for a while. We hear you and are working on a strategy to help you earn net-new invites specifically. Keep an eye out for more in early-August. It’s gonna get hot in Vegas for those able to travel to Defcon 2021 and also for those of you at home as well. 

Stay Informed on Upcoming Changes and Incentives

If you have not subscribed to our Twitter, checked out our researcher documents, joined our Discord, or follow the blogs on our site, you might not hear about future bonus invite opportunities. Be sure to keep your eye out for our next announcement. 

If you missed our announcement about invites expiring, please do reach out to us at While we will not reinstate all of the invites that have expired, we will make sure you get some programs to work on.