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Posts by Bugcrowd Product Marketing

Product Update: Alternative Payout Option Payoneer Added

We’re excited to announce today that Crowdcontrol now offers a more streamlined process to sign up for an alternative payout option, Payoneer. We’ve heard many requests from researchers that they’d like an alternative to PayPal, and we’re happy to provide an option for those researchers.

Payoneer provides an alternative means for researchers to receive bounty payments either through a prepaid MasterCard card or a direct bank transfer. Alongside PayPal, Payoneer offers Bugcrowd’s researcher community the opportunity to choose the most convenient method of receiving bounty payments.

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Program Updates: Communicating Bounty Brief Changes to the Crowd

Crowdcontrol now offers researchers the ability to follow bounty programs to stay up-to-date on changes made to organizations’ bounty briefs. Now, researchers who are “subscribed” to an organization’s public or private program will be alerted when there is a change in 1) rewards or 2) targets in scope. 

Why is this important? With this most recent product feature, ‘Program Updates,’ important bounty brief changes are communicated to researchers on an ongoing basis. This feature will help bolster transparency and encourage long-term loyalty and participation in specific bounty programs. We want to make sure that when changes are made to a bounty brief, researchers who are invested in a program has the insights they need to take appropriate action. 

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