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Bugcrowd Connects to SOAR Space with IBM Resilient Integration

Bugcrowd Connects To SOAR Space With IBM Resilient Integration

Bugcrowd helps organizations get ahead of cyber threats by enabling security teams to find and quickly remediate critical vulnerabilities. But we also know that the value of vulnerability data extends beyond the individual patch. In aggregate, this information can often be used to reveal more systemic issues that may require special attention.  That’s why we’ve partnered with several solution providers that make it easier than ever to extract, share, and apply Bugcrowd program insights across the software and security development lifecycles. Today, we’re thrilled to add IBM Resilient to this list.

IBM Resilient is a security orchestration, automation, and response system used by security teams to create and manage cross-functional vulnerability and incident response playbooks. With the Bugcrowd-Resilient bi-directional integration, new vulnerabilities found by Bugcrowd can be exported to Resilient for remediation or contextual awareness. Once resolved in Resilient, Bugcrowd Crowdcontrol will mirror the same closed state. To enable the integration, both applications need to be granted access to one another. Details about configuring access can be found in the product documentation.

Rapid and reliable handoff between security and development is crucial for consistent vulnerability patching. But equally important is the ability to surface connected, or contributing issues that may have greater impact over time.  Bugcrowd’s IBM Resilient integration makes it easier to create and contextualize every request, reducing security overhead and helping development fix faster. Read more about all of Bugcrowd’s SDLC integrations on our website, or in the integrations quick reference guide.


Lauren Craigie

Director of Product Marketing at Bugcrowd.

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