At the beginning of November 2023, we kicked off Bugcrowd’s annual Hacker Cup. This year’s theme was Hack Hack Revolution and it spanned over two months. The newest iteration on the Hacker Cup was a huge success. The winter season hacking competition resulted in well over half a million dollars worth of vulnerabilities rewarded!

What is the Hacker Cup?

The Hacker Cup is a chance for hackers to build a team of 3-5 players and compete for a chance to win a grand prize of $10K and exclusive swag. Teams work together to hack participating organizations and earn points based on submission criticality level.  

Hacker Cup 2023 Results

Congratulations to the winning team, Team 12345, consisting of hackers ZwinK, r0ver, and Nim5079! And shoutout to all the hackers who qualified for the tournament, especially our top eight teams who made it to round two and beyond. 

The hackers weren’t the only winners from the event. This year, over 70 different bug bounty programs opted in to participate, with 15 customers offering bonuses to their bounty payments. The majority of customers had at least one valid (non-duplicated) vulnerability identified during the testing period. 

Thank you to all customers who participated in this year’s Hacker Cup across all public and private programs. 

And of course we can’t forget the best part…swag! Most hackers know that Bugcrowd is the GOAT when it comes to swag. Check out some of the swag hackers won in the Hacker Cup! 


Future Hacker Events

In 2024, we are hoping to double the efforts and come back with more opportunities for hackers to engage in competitive environments, while making customer’s safer with their results. 

If you’re interested in participating in more events like the Hacker Cup, qualifications will be released later in the year. You can refer to the previous participation criteria to prepare for 2024 as a start.