Hacking is an amazing activity if you want to be a part of a really cool community, create endless opportunities for yourself and earn some serious rewards. But we won’t lie to you; it takes practice and the educational resources out there are scattered, don’t cover everything, and are limited overall. 

One of the most important insights we’ve gained through conversations with hackers all around the world is that starting on your hacking journey can be overwhelming and intimidating. There will inevitably be gaps in the resources out there and no practical way to apply your lessons without diving in head first, which can be really scary. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce our partnership with Katie Paxton-Fear (aka InsiderPhd) to provide the ultimate hacking series that will take you from zero to hacking in no time! Let the Bugcrowd Platform, paired with comprehensive teachings from a hacker and educator at the top of her game, be your guide. 

In this engaging series we’ll take you through everything from Burp, Bugcrowd’s VRT, targeting, live recon, account takeovers, 2FA, and so much more! Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started, or an expert seeking to learn new methods from a pro, this series will comprehensively cover every aspect of hacking to get you submitting bugs ASAP.

The guide is divided into 6 distinct phases, each phase building on the previous. This creates a sequential learning experience and will guarantee you don’t miss anything, while learning at your own pace. 

But this is the ultimate series that keeps on giving; at the conclusion of each phase, we’ll go-live with Katie and other top hackers to answer all your questions and provide you with practical, hands-on examples to test on. 

Trust us, this is the series you wish already existed. You’ll develop beyond a foundational knowledge of hacking and how to get started with Katie’s weekly video tutorials, write-ups and live hacking demonstrations, and of course, the easy-to-use Bugcrowd Platform.

Tune in Sunday, March 19th, at Bugcrowd University for the first drop. Don’t miss a beat as we continue to release new step-by-step journey content with Bugcrowd and Katie Paxton-fear by following our Bugcrowd Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.