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Bugcrowd Launches CrowdConnect Partner Program to Further Empower Global Ecosystem of Partners

Program to accelerate growth and maturity of Bugcrowd partners as they protect customers against highly sophisticated threat actors

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 30, 2024 – Bugcrowd, the only multi-solution crowdsourced cybersecurity platform, today launched the CrowdConnect™ Partner Program to empower global partners to leverage the crowd to defend against today’s fast moving cyber adversaries. The CrowdConnect Partner Program accelerates the growth and maturity of Bugcrowd’s rich ecosystem of partners by recruiting, enabling, and nurturing them to market, influence, integrate, sell and deliver cyber security solutions and offerings.

CrowdConnect stands out in the industry, offering deal protection with healthy margins and rewarding partners benefits for value and volume, rather than other programs in the market driven by complex and shifting tiers. In FY24, Bugcrowd has signed 40 new partners within CrowdConnect. Unlike other competitors in the crowdsourced security space, 100% of Bugcrowd’s reward pools goes to hackers, in line with the company’s mission to unite and empower the collective ingenuity of the hacker community.

“With Bugcrowd’s CrowdConnect, our customers were able to immediately realize the full benefits of a powerful SaaS crowdsourcing platform,” said Mike Quirin, Founder and Partner at Alchemy Tech Group. “Alchemy prides itself on its ecosystem of strong relationships with disruptive technology vendors, and our goal is to support our customers with value-driven solutions as they embark on their transformative journey, something Bugcrowd’s CrowdConnect has supported from day one.”

“Bugcrowd allows us to provide our clients with a powerful network of hackers custom fit for their organizational needs, adding to our already robust IT and cybersecurity portfolio,” said Paul Zhdanovych, Managing Director at Softprom, a leading Value Added IT Distributor in the CIS and Eastern Europe markets trusted by more than 1,200 partners. “Organizations are head to head with the challenge of a major cybersecurity skills shortage in the industry. Our partners require specialized, high-value solutions and we are laser focused on addressing their needs. Bugcrowd has been a vital partner in this by providing an immensely talented and creative hacker community via crowdsourcing.”

According to the 2023 Inside the Mind of a Hacker report, 84% of hackers believe that less than half of companies understand their true risk of being breached. And 96% of hackers agree that they help companies fill their cybersecurity skills gaps. Bugcrowd is committed to uniting organizations, hackers, and security professionals into a single, powerful SaaS platform to unlock the collective ingenuity often siloed. Within CrowdConnect, Bugcrowd helps partners strengthen their cybersecurity strategies, along with bringing partners’ clients the perfect crowdsourced talent from a trusted pool of highly skilled researchers and the best triage capabilities in the industry for reducing noise and time to remediation.

“Our guiding mission is to arm our growing partner network around the globe with a disruptive, innovative SaaS platform to proactively reduce the risk of being blindsided by today’s sophisticated threats,” said Paul Ciesielski, Chief Revenue Officer of Bugcrowd. “We’ve designed CrowdConnect to be valuable for our partners, allowing them to differentiate their products through access to our Bugcrowd Platform.

The CrowdConnect Partner Program brings together partners spanning traditional and non-traditional channels – including Resale Partners, Managed Security Service Providers, Agent/Referral Partners, Consultants/Advisors, System Integrators, Technology Alliance and Referral Partners – ensuring they never face today’s cybersecurity challenges alone. CrowdConnect provides diverse partners from around the globe with:

  • Access to a highly differentiated platform that addresses multiple customer needs
  • Results from Bugcrowd’s ongoing investment in the channel and reinvestment in partners
  • Healthy margins and deal-registration protection
  • Rewards and incentives for both volume and value partners

To learn more about CrowdConnect and how it can accelerate the growth of your company, visit:

To learn more about how the Bugcrowd Platform can equip your organization to protect itself from cyber risk, access link here. To download a copy of our recently published the Inside the Platform: Bugcrowd’s Vulnerability Trends Report, click here.


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