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May 2019 Hall of Fame

We are excited to announce our May 2019 Hall of Fame winners! Here they are: rubyroobs rocked 1st place with 840 points! todayisnew crushed it and came in 2nd place with 611 points. Mikee rounded out 3rd place with 470…

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Bugcrowd released, the open-sourced safe harbor project, in August 2018. Since then, we’re pleased to report that companies have been leaning into the need for a safer and easier-to-navigate legal environment for whitehat hackers. To help this along, we’ve…

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Setting Up Your Program Reward Ranges

“What reward ranges should I set for my program?”, “How much should I pay for a given finding?”, and “What should my organization’s reward budget be for a successful program?” At Bugcrowd, we hear these questions time and time again…

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