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What is a Bugcrowd Joinable Program?

What Is A Bugcrowd Joinable Program?

What is a Joinable Program?

If a program is enabled as Joinable, you can self-join a private program if you meet the eligibility criteria for that program.

You get informative program teasers and a succinct list of requirements necessary to gain access to your dream program. Even better, logged-in users gain immediate access if they meet eligibility requirements. 

How does it differ from Private Programs?

Typically, a Private Program only allows you to join and hunt on the program if you are specifically invited to said program. While Joinable Programs are private by nature, they do not require that you are invited in order to participate. Instead, you are able to join the program if your skills and background are in line with the program’s criteria. With Joinable Programs, you get informative program teasers and a succinct list of requirements necessary to gain access to your dream program. This means that you can join at any time and no longer have to wait to receive a private program invite, as long as you meet the program’s requirements. 

How do you know what programs are Joinable? 

Customizing your view is easy: from your dashboard, hit “Programs”. Then navigate to the drop-down menu and choose “Joinable”. 

Each program tile offers a snapshot of the scope, rewards and eligibility requirements you can expect for each program.

Click “View Details” to find more of the information you’re looking for. Look closely at “Program Requirements”. Programs may have anywhere from 2 requirements to 5 requirements, and they may also require ID verification. To learn how to become ID verified, check out this quick guide. Don’t forget; you may already be qualified, gaining you instant access. 

Can I share a Joinable program?

If you see a program you know someone else would be great on, send them the URL to the teaser page. The recipient will be able to instantly see the program details and the eligibility requirements. 

It’s now easier than ever to gain instant access to programs without having to wait around for a private invite to hit your Researcher Dashboard. Read more about Joinable Programs in our researcher product documentation here. Stay up to date on all Bugcrowd has to offer by following our Twitter and joining our Discord.

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